What Kittle learned from Kelce, Gronk while fundraising at TEU

January 10, 2024

Tight End University

Ambassadors from the NFL alumni such as Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen and Jordan Reed joined forces with Kittle and Travis Kelce, to impart their knowledge on run blocking and route running. The classroom discussions, Kittle said, were "awesome," particularly observing Kelce discussing his route running techniques and Reed demonstrating his releases.

Apart from being a learning platform, TEU also served as a fundraising event. The Nashville gathering raised significant funds for numerous charities, including Bridgestone Kids. The charity invited several children to participate in activities on the Vanderbilt football practice field, where the event took place. Post their sessions, the players spent time with these children, creating memorable experiences for them.

Kittle, ever-focused on enhancing his on-field performance, viewed the organization of TEU as a step in that direction. The open sharing of information was meant to shed light on the tight end position, a crucial part of the NFL offensive scheme. Listening to veterans like Travis and Olsen, Kittle said, was an educational experience. As he put it, "Every time I listen to Travis or Greg, I learn something."

Kittle envisions TEU as a continuous event, attracting more players, especially quarterbacks, to benefit from off-season practice. The seven-year veteran is keen on maintaining open lines of communication across the league with fellow tight ends. "It's such a fantastic event to be able to bounce ideas off each other and just learn," he added.

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