Kittle holds largest TEU event with current and former teammates

January 10, 2024

Tight End University

George Kittle's third annual Tight End University (TEU) became a reunion for San Francisco 49ers'. The event, co-hosted by Travis Kelce of the Kansas City and NFL veteran Greg Olsen, was the largest gathering yet with over 70 tight ends from the NFL joining in.

According to Kittle, the TEU has been designed to give a unique perspective on the tight end position, a role he believes requires a wide range of skills. "You do everything - run block, pass-pro, run routes like DBs, you have to know coverages, you're pulling, you're inserting on linebackers, you have to do everything."

49ers' Charlie Woerner, along with ex-teammates Jordan Matthews and Tyler Kroft, participated in all on-field drills. The quarterbacks - Trey Lance and Sam Darnold of the 49ers, Nick Mullens from Minnesota Vikings, and C.J. Beathard from Jacksonville Jaguars - threw passes in smaller groups while the tight ends honed their route running, break techniques, and receiver separation skills.

"It’s truly awesome," Mullens said of the TEU. He praised George's genuine personality and his ability to bring people together. George's father, Bruce, was also present at the event, coaching players on run-blocking techniques. George moved from group to group, offering tips to enhance players' defender-moving abilities using leverage.

TEU also catered to the wellness and recovery needs of the players. Services like massage therapy and acupuncture were available to the attendees. George's sister, Emma, led a daily morning yoga class to improve flexibility before the day's drills commenced, ensuring a holistic approach to training.

TEU continues to be a beacon for tight ends from across the league, providing them with valuable skills and a sense of community.

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